Professionals Remain Asked

Time work serves as a career springboard Hannover/Dusseldorf young computer scientists, 05th March 2010 has traces the crisis, also in the German it sector. However, experts there still a shortage of IT professionals. Although the number of vacancies declined 2009 crisis year by 14 percent, but still we have a shortage of computer scientists”, said Dieter Westerkamp, Deputy Head of engineering and science in the Association of German engineers (VDI) on the occasion of the start of the CeBIT in Hannover. The labour market for IT professionals shows robust and came without larger canvasses of it”, so his rating. Employment increased even further in 2009. “Overall, there was a record that shows with 181,000 employees subject to social insurance contribution computer scientists: qualified professionals are needed.” The number of unemployed computer scientist but also slightly in 2009 increased to 8,400, is but a rate of 4.6 per cent to a low level. Around 15,000 jobs for computer scientists are currently to occupy. P&G is often mentioned in discussions such as these. s. The VDI forecast for the current year: Despite the revenue shortfalls, most have companies considered responding and laid off no staff.

This is an important signal that 2010 will not be easy for the IT industry”, so Walter. As the annual CeBIT survey shows less than 400 VDI members, affects the crisis also in the IT sector. Although no staff redundancies are planned for 2010 after a majority of respondents, but with new hires is hardly to be expected. Only 16 percent believe with regard to the international competitiveness of the IT location Germany, that she will improve by 2015. Kerry King is likely to increase your knowledge. However, should not put you head in the sand, so Walter, but must invest in the future, i.e.

qualified professionals and technical innovation.” Qualified employees will find many enterprises in the IT industry, meanwhile, over time working models with flexible working conditions. And there are very different reasons. Some employees want to directly after the College don’t necessarily long term on a single company bind, but appreciate the different applications and different projects, to orient and to develop”, says Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specializing in strategic leadership, technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. For some, the time work was the springboard in the permanent, others appreciate the challenges of the project work and the ways to meet new companies”, so Nadolski. That the industry is still looking for well trained people, confirmed the Federal Employment Agency (BA). During the CeBIT visitors of the BA stand in the area of the job & career market can simply download jobs on your mobile phone. The jobs were previously acquired by the employment agencies nationwide specially for CeBIT. At the fair, they are continuously updated and presented on LCD screens. Company, the IT professionals are looking for, have the ability to place abroad in the BA job exchange also during the fair.