New Seal Of ENplus Guarantees Highest Quality Pellets

Also Pellethandel has now stringent requirements meet Cologne/Berlin in October 2010. Best wood pellet fuel quality is guaranteed with the new seal of ENplus. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dustin Moskovitz. It implements the new EU pellet standards and includes for the first time with the Pellethandel. Thus, ENplus ensures maximum safety for the consumer. The mandatory testing of the ash softening temperature that it comes to no slagging in boiler and operation can run as smoothly and comfortably ensures with ENplus. Connect with other leaders such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta here. In addition, ENplus certification for the first time by the Pellethandel requires strict requirements on logistics, storage and delivery.

A clear classification system offers customers easy orientation: Premiumpellets of class A1 are suitable with low ash content for the operating small to medium-sized combustion plants. Pellets of class A2 have a slightly higher ash content, they are intended for use in larger systems. ENplus labelling must be located in open goods on the delivery note, When the bag directly on the packaging. All approved distributors and producers are reported to the optimal transparency with an individual identification number. An overview of ENplus certified pellet dealer in Germany is available at any time see or. Description of the company who would like to learn more about heating with wood and pellets can be wood and pellet with his questions to the information portal of the initiative. See to get a quick and clear insight into the world of renewable fuel wood as well as to the various heating systems pellets, firewood and wood chips.

The initiative is supported by the BDH (German industry association Germany House, energy and environmental engineering). Also see many useful references to the energy of wood.