Managing Director Steffen Ruhl

Personensuchmaschine in November, with almost 1.2 million unique clients among the 10 largest roof offers in Austria. Frankfurt/Vienna, December 13, 2010: In Germany is one of the most widely used Web pages since 2008 Yasni and belongs there according to IVW with currently over 17 million visits to the Top50 offers. In November, has the person search service for the first time can be the usage data on its Austrian site by the Austrian WebAnalytics (OBA) and is entered directly under the 10 strongest reach roof offers. Yasni according to the OBA of 1,193.127 unique clients was visited in the past month. And also with 1,542.515 visits (visits) ends up in his first collection of MANOHAR Yasni straight into this category in the Top20 of the roof offers in Austria. We are very pleased that we are landed directly so far forward in our first collection of OBA. It is a big concern, to make our data transparent and to allow for an objective comparison with other offers us. Just in We see still enormous growth potential Austria our real people search for terms such as location, occupation, or qualification”, first Managing Director Steffen Ruhl explains.

“” We are excited about the brilliant start by first names in the OBA”, Christian Steiner, Wolfgang Chmelir and Josef Voglsam and enjoy the Managing Director of the Austrian first exclusive marketer media zone advertising”: first offers a high-quality person search and the user in Austria assume this concept very well. ” About Yasni Yasni is the first service, Internet-far right individuals to find and to be found even better, as well as to the background research by people. Within a few seconds first searches the entire Internet with its services to the people search names and terms. Registered users can control their reputation, even with an own Expose. Ego-marketing and maintenance of own reputation on the Internet according to current studies are increasingly gaining importance. Yasni is with 50 million queries a month most popular starting point for people search and reputation management.