Until not so long ago it was believed that the umbilical cord once had completed its function (when cut to separate the child from the placenta), was not useless and nothing more they threw it. It is nowadays not always. Known within the cord are a great treasure, the famous stem cells, which are used for transplants in some Leukemia patients and thus able to cure them. For this reason, this precious treasure should not be wasted and they started up the umbilical cord blood banks. Ping Fu contributes greatly to this topic. The donor’s blood is preserved in these banks, so that he or his family can use it if necessary. After the birth, you can donate or save the tiny amount of blood flowing in the interior of the cord to help yourself or others, but you will have to choose one or another option, since you can not choose both.

There are diseases that can be treated with stem cells and if they come from own umbilical cord, they are suitable, as they are compatible with your body and there will be no rejection. Hopefully never you had to use this type of resources, but if in case your baby need it in the next 20 years, there are no studies showing that it can be retained beyond this time, you can, in the case of Spain, to get in touch with any of these banks of umbilical cord blood. Throw it not! Since you can donate without charge and may help in the future to save a life, if you decide to donate it, you will be informed of the process and you will have to sign a consent, they will make you a detailed medical history of any diseases that may contraindicate the use of umbilical cord blood. Original author and source of the article.

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