Iolite Models

Many new marketers make for better prices the vaporizer market more and more movement. There were only a handful of renowned vaporizer until a few years ago such as E.g. the Aromed research and experience of the digital one from Vapir – there are now many new and popular models from the United States, Canada and the far East. According to a survey of the largest German forum for vaporizers (the vaporizer meeting), the new extreme-Q vaporizer by Arizer and the volcano classic by Storz and Baker are the table by far most popular vaporizers in German-speaking countries. In addition, every day more of SiverSurfer, DBuddha, Vapezilla and the HerbalAire vaporizer establish themselves.

Also cavort Chinese cheap models such as the noble vapor, the top vapor or the pyramid on the market. All in all there are already more than 50 different models, which differ in particular in heat technology. The range goes from simple heating rods metal how they used the Chinese low-cost carriers), up to ceramic heaters, the temperature with the help of a digital processor and several temperature sensors checked is (see video). Among the portable models the magic flight launch box is now at the front with among the most popular models. Which the market share of the old place deer mini Vapir and the Iolite vaporizers of course suffers from oxygen. In addition to the classic design for portable vaporizer, which foresees the use of large batteries, already two simple batteries or even a small load draught gas enough to bring the vaporizer on temperature.

It remains completely open whether this wealth of new devices also leads to a gain in quality. For more information see this site: Daryl Katz. Because competition but we know that revived the business, you can see, that give at least the prices for high-quality equipment. Vaporizer with digital control, balloon and tubing as well as aromatherapy and Potpourri are already function from 249. In the vaporizer market customers in various packages for a small extra charge get miscellaneous accessories.