What is the legal side of the inheritance? In Germany, several billion euro each year are inherited. Thus, the dispute among the survivors going after the bereavement in many cases, if not in time provision was made. Because less than half of the Germans left a will. According to the German civil code (BGB), the succession is clearly regulated. Who want to leave something other than his relatives still friends or associations must demonstrate clear this in the Testament. Because the legal succession regulates clearly the precedence of the heirs. Property and money values are left mostly by the testator, in renewable resources for the funeral is paid for this often.

But here too there may be disputes when stretching a part of the heirs of the responsibility. The legal succession is that first the spouse inherits and then the children or grandchildren in first-order. To desire reflect the deceased after a dignified burial, a can during his lifetime by the testator himself, or by a relative Burial will be completed. The funeral is subject to, if a beneficiary statement is made, not of death. The advantage is that a relative is tasked to manage the costs of the funeral”. Information about the funeral at: sterbegeldversicherung.html the dying money insurance is by the testator himself, or by a relative who wants to cover the funeral expenses, saved to. If the death occurs, the beneficiary upon presentation of death certificate and identification documents at the funeral can obtain the insurance sum. Image source: Stihl024,