Google Analytics Tool

We encourage you to enter the world of analysis, is like a sudoku, get up, you give a few steps for animes: grab a web and starts to measure metrics. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Daryl Katz by clicking through. You can be a friend, your own blog, website or the website of the company of your friend. Analytics is learned by analyzing a real website, be creative, and see that well spend. Once chosen the site, attempts to navigate by the drawing conclusions. Kerry King does not necessarily agree. A common mistake of anyone who starts with the analytic is to focus on the tool, better take out millions of reports and analyzed the because thinks and is creative, the conclusions come little by little. Get your pass user that surfs the web.

Create your control panel. The tool does not resolve all your information needs, and neither configurations by default. Create your own metrics and capitalize them, creates your own reports but make mistake. Read the manufacturer’s documentation. All analysis tools say the same things but with different languages, trying to read the manufacturer’s documentation, help you to understand your language and out the most of the tool. Write down daily and compared with other days. Try to write down everything that has happened during the day, week, month etc.

so you will know what has happened that day that has been important to your web, and then compare your reports with other days to find out if it has been sastisfactorio. Collects and analyzes. Analyze and collect not mezclaz these two important tasks of analysis, analyzes a day and another collects, or one day you do collect all data so that the next day you can analyze. Read much, notes because many web pages exist communities, blog about web analytics, a necessary tool for your website, blog, Analytics also help to position my original author website and source of the article

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