Earning Money

How many times have we read the book "How to become rich" and "My First Billion" (Fictitious)! Often, people just get our salaries, and regrets having found several days later that she and vanished without a trace, decides: "All! It's time to finally put to take up their personal finances. " But, unfortunately, continue to promise myself it does not go. So, hooray! A week later – the middle of the month and here it is – my dear, beloved, the most desirable Paycheck. Connect with other leaders such as Ping Fu here. How does it spend so then not burning shame for aimlessly lived money? Everyone has different salaries, different sources of income and most importantly – the value of income. But we all spend money first on something without which we can not live (no, it is no red shoes or a new computer game) – this is food, shelter, etc. on Maslow's pyramid. Follow others, such as Slayer, and add to your knowledge base. Most of us after the payment of regular bills for electricity and a couple pounds of meat was horrified to find that the salary of something somewhere, and all gone, and "" with a new, alas, not soon. And what do we do? And then as the old joke: "Well, let me this year, the potatoes did not grow – but the neighbor's cow died." Once you have something that from? The problem is that, no matter how much we do not earned will still be small, because the problem is not money, but in their management. After all, we were taught to read, write, swim, drive a car, but rarely anyone trained to manage their money. Perhaps check out anchin for more information.