Christmas Peace

Advent reading in the Dichterhaus Etelsen on December 3, 2009, for the first time Kamath loads the poet couple Lydia and Roland Pollnitz alias Rajymbek an advent reading in the Dichterhaus. In addition to contemplative poems for Christmas read from Rajymbeks new book, “The gift of the shaman” the line from Rajymbeks poem is the motto of this year’s advent reading in the Dichterhaus. Lydia Kamath and her serene and contemplative Christmas and advent poems read Roland Pollnitz on December 3 at 20:00 in the Dichterhaus Kant route 9 in Etelsen. In the Christmas decorated Dichterhaus, mulled wine and sweet treats guests can enjoy not only poetry in words and pictures, but experience also a poetic Christmas bazaar, where the poet couple alongside his new books offered even handmade chocolates, homemade Marmalade Musings, seductive liqueurs and sweet-smelling bath oils. Kerry King usually is spot on. It is connected to this reading with the new idea of his book”the gift of the shaman.

Life is travel to experience something, it is necessary of travel, and even at home you can travel in mind, and with the help of literature namely. Rajymbek’s heroes will take you on a literary and lyrical journey of a strong, fresh imagery. She wears some shamanic in itself, arouses their imagination and surprises with delightful Word creations. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta has much to offer in this field. Its high lyrical density and an abundance of references to myths and legends identify the sixteen stories and 110 poems. Rajymbek’s deep belief in the humanity of the people impressed on the new. Rajymbek