Baby Sleeping Bag

How a puck cloth can promote a peaceful and healthy sleep of their baby. Swaddling is a classic wrap around method, in which wrapped the newborn in a so-called puck cloth. A puck cloth has usually a size of 90 x 90 cm and is made from a natural substance, such as 100% cotton, pure linen, or wool. This classic method of baby winding was forgotten for some time, because modern baby sleeping bag on the market were introduced and replaced the puck cloths. The baby sleeping bags mimic the shape and appearance of the puck cloth and have the same determination and function like a classic puck scarf, but considered innovation due to their new product design”and were therefore especially young parents in recent years very popular.

Compared to the baby-puck cloth baby sleeping bag has a padding, generally Polyester Fleece, and zippers that significantly facilitate its handling. The main function of a baby sleeping bag, as well as its predecessor, the baby puck cloth, is to minimize the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. This is especially high when the newborn on the back and on the stomach is asleep and is his face on the mattress or pillow. This prevents its free breathing. If the baby is swaddled or sleeps in a baby sleeping bag, he may be only on his back, as puck cloth as well as sleeping bags to exclude his turn on the belly.

The other task of the puck cloth, that unfortunately not met his successor, the baby sleeping bag, is to imitate the narrowness in MOM’s belly. If the baby is swaddled, his hands and feet always feel a touch. A such tactile sensation is very important for the newborn, because it was used also in the belly of the mother because, to be touched by all sides. “If him this affected” now missing, the infant wakes up often spontaneously and frightened in the night. It is important that not only the feet, but also the hands constantly feel the touch. During the baby sleeping in the rule covered only the feet of the small, includes both the feet and the hands of the baby the baby puck cloth. If they are swaddled accordingly, the newborn will feel comfortable and long fast asleep. Last but not least, the baby-puck cloth compared to the baby sleeping bag exclusively from natural materials is made while the baby sleeping bag contains mostly plastic upholstery. Because the baby puck cloth for 10 percent is made from natural fabrics, it guarantees a high air permeability and skin friendliness. Also allergies, which can often be caused by plastics are not guaranteed. Today, linen puck wipes are available in the set with baby bedding. Such puck wipes are particularly healthy due to the unique properties of linen and kind to the skin. They guarantee a very high air permeability, exceptional suckling ability and fast drying. These features make the winding of the babies in a linen cloth of puck particularly beneficial.