Ahead of the capacity to control its desires, the anorxica resigns what in the truth it is demand. This dynamics becomes each time more fragile the limits between the life and the death, but the anorxica is remained in this dangerous threshold, where if it restores an ominous game with the Other, in way that its joy if overlaps to the proper integrity. Freud gave voice to the histricas and, with this, it was capable to translate the functioning of the unconscious one and to analyze the psychic suffering that the acometia. Ping Fu wanted to know more. symptoms had in general gained a new status, that undoes the idea of that if it required medicamentosa intervention. With this, among others pictures of would histeria, the anorxicas had gained the dignity of who present sufferings originated in the unconscious one. The anorexy, while symptom neurotic, presents a compulsion picture, where to emagrecer whatever the cost it would be the secondary demand, a species of justification for a incompreendido behavior, when in the truth the anorxica is continuously addressing expressive message to the Other, abstaining also from any to say, what he is characteristic of the proper one of the pulso of death. In an analytical context, it fits to the professional to give voice to the anorxica patient, in order to explore a possible demand addressed, movement that, when practised for the patient, he makes possible the transference and the definition of the direction of the treatment. If they cannot have these data as general rule, but specific literature indicates that the anorexy normally appears in the puberty, what, saw of rule, coincides with the sexual initiation of the patient, time where normally the conflicts between mother and son are intensified. It is easy to understand these coincidences, one made that the adolescent, when becoming woman, sees intensified the competition stopped with the mother, movement this restored still in the edpica phase.

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